Transnational Training Workshops

Four Transnational Training Workshops will be organised with participants coming from Project Partners’ countries as well as from other EU countries.

Discussions of judicial solutions and interpretations of CJEU rulings will be based on the exchange of national approaches from a variety of EU Member States.

Transnational workshops will be open to the participation of maximum 40 judges: 27 will be selected by national procedures launched by Schools of Magistracy in each of the 9 countries represented in the project consortium (there will be place for 3 judges from each country), and 13 will be selected through an international procedure launched by the Coordinating Partner (University of Trento).

A mutual learning process – based on the use of comparative and European law will permit comparing different solutions to similar problems arising out of the application of the Charter. Subsequently, four National Training Workshops will be held with a view to focusing on the impact of EU law and principles on specific domestic legal systems. 

National Training Workshops

Four National Training Workshops covering the three areas of consumer protection, migration, and data protection, will be organized by the University of Trento, the University of Versailles, the Polish Institute of Legal Studies, and the University of Amsterdam.

National training workshops will be held between January 2018 and August 2018. The Calendar of national events will be published in due course.

Other events

Seminars and other judicial training events, in the field of fundamental rights protection, organized in collaboration with the REJus team.

The Calendar of the events will be published in due course.