The deadline for submission of applications for the Transnational Training Workshop “Towards Effective Justice in Migration and Asylum”, which will be held in Trento on 2-3 October 2017, is now extended to 15 June.

The Transnational Training Workshop will focus on the present and future challenges to the full implementation of the right to effective judicial protection, as granted by Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the field of asylum and migration. It will be open to the participation of maximum 40 judges: 27 will be selected by national procedures launched by Schools of Magistracy in each of the 9 countries represented in the project consortium (there will be place for 3 judges from each country), and 13 will be selected through an international procedure launched by the Coordinating Partner (University of Trento).

The deadline for the submission of applicaitons to the public call launched by the Coordinating Partner is now extended to 15 June. We kindly ask you to circulate this information to ensure the widest participation possible. Please note that this call is open to applicants from any EU Member State and that priority will be given to applicants coming from those States who are not targeted by the selection procedures organized by the other Project partners.

call for judges